Philosophy Syllabus PPSC Exam

Updated on: Mar 5, 2013
Section A - (Metaphysical Problems in Philosophy)

Substance and Attributes Aristotle, Descartes, Locke, Berkeley, Nyaya-Viasheshika, Buddhism
God, Soul and World Thomas Acquinas, St. Augustine, Spinoza, Descartes,
Nyaya-Vaisheshika, Shankara, Ramanuja
Universals Realism and Nominalism (Plato, Aristotle, Berkeley,
Nyay Vaisheshika, Buddhism)

Section B - (Epistemological Problems in Philosophy)

Means of Knowledge Carvaka, Nyaya-Vaisheshika,Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta
Truth and Error Correspondence Theory, Coherence Theory, Pragmatic Theory,
Khyativada (Anyathakhyati, Akhyati, Anivacaniyakhyati).
Matter and Mind Descartes, Spinoza, Leibnitz, Berkeley, Carvaka

Section C - (Logic)

1. Truth and Validity.
2. Classification of sentences, Traditional and Modern.
3. Syllogism : Figures and Modes, Rules of Syllogism(General and Special), Validation by venn Diagrammes, Formal Fallacies.
4. Sentential Calculus : Symbolisation, Truth-Functions and their Interdefinability, Truth Tables, Formal Proof.

Section D - (Ethics)

1. Problem of Right and Good ( Teleology and Deontology)
2. Utilitarianism (Bentham and J.S. Mill).
3. Kantian Ethics.
4. Emotivism (A.J.Ayer and C.L.Stevenson).
5. Nishkamakarma , Sthitapragya (Bhagwad Gita).
6. Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Path (Buddhism).
7. Sikh Value System.
8. Gandhian Ethics.
9. Importance of Environmental concerns : Threats of Pollution to Human life.
10. Fundamental Principles of Bio-Ethics.
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