Agriculture Syllabus : PPSC Exam

Updated on: Mar 5, 2013
Section A - (Crop Science)

1. Agriculture - history and development. Agronomic practices in production of important kharif and rabi crops of Punjab State. Common weeds and their management in crops.
2. Concepts of land and soil. Important clay minerals and their properties. Ion exchange. Essential plant nutrients( micro and macro)- functions and their deficiency symptoms. Soil reaction. Soil fertility, manures and fertilizers. Integrated nutrient management.
3. Causes and utilization of variation in crop plants. Reproductive system in crop plants. Breeding methods for crop improvement. Role of biotechnology in plant breeding. Improved varieties, hybrids composites of various crop plants. Hybrid seed production. Seed act and seed certification.

Section B - (Plant protection)

1. Diseases of important field and vegetable crops and fruits caused by fungi, bacteria, viruses, mycoplasmas and nematodes and their management.
2. Insect pests and mites of important field and vegetable crops, fruits, plants and their management stored grain pests and their management.
3. Integrated pest and disease management.

Section C - (Horticulture and Food Science & Technology)

1. Fruits and their importance. Scope of fruit industry. Cultivation of important fruits including propagation technology. Nursery Management. Classification of vegetable crops. Cultivation practices of important vegetables crops of the Punjab State.
2. Principles of landscaping. Cultivation of important trees, shrubs, climbers, ground covers and shade loving plants. Important forest trees- their establishment and management. Environmental conservation.
3. Major deficiencies of calories from different sources. Post harvest handling, management and processing techniques for fruits, vegetables, cereals, oilseeds, milk, meat and poultry.

Section D - (Extension Education and Agricultural Economics)

1. Micro Economics. Farm management. Agricultural marketing, Importance of credit institutions. Role of economic liberalization in agriculture. Principles and role of agricultural cooperatives.
2. Objectives and principles of extension education. Farm menchanisation and its role in agricultural production and rural development.
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