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Updated on: Mar 5, 2013
The Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) was established in 1969 under an act of legislation. The act further amended in 1987, 2000 and 2005. The board is administering authority for school education in Punjab and provides affiliation to schools, government schools are established with affiliation from the board and private schools are given affiliation by the board. At present there are 1739 Schools affiliated to the Punjab School Education Board. Following are mentioned the activities of board in brief.

Power Functions

(A) According to rules of the legislation act 1969 the board exercises and perform the following powers-
  1. Set down the syllabi, study programs and text books for school level education, starting from primary level.
  2. Systematize the research for grading textual vocabulary, and make arrangements for textbooks and other books on regular basis.
  3. Administers examinations for school level qualification, publish the results and issues certificates to the pupils passing these examinations.
  4. Admit to the examinations on pre described conditions, pupils, who have studied the designed course of instructions, if in affiliated institutions or otherwise. Meanwhile, any changes in the common conditions are made with the approval from the state government of Punjab state.
  5. Reason enquiries to be completed through such agency and in such manner, as may be prearranged regarding the conditions customary in an institution before it is admitted to the privileges of the Board and entail such agency to scrutinize affiliated institutions and submit a report to the Board as to how for the conditions privileges of the Board, are being compiled with;
  6. Determines punishments for delinquency pertaining to the examinees, examiners and other people involved in the conduct of examinations.
  7. Give recruitments to examiners and other associated staff members and fix their emoluments.
  8. Fixes the conditions and restrictions for candidates to appear in an examination.
  9. Arranges for lectures, demonstration, educational tours, exhibitions, seminars and symposia and take such other measures.
  10. Submit audit account and balance on annual basis along with the report of the Board to the State Government before 30th September of the next year, and publish official gazettes carrying accounts and balance sheet reports.
  11. Provide grants for the State Council of Education Research and Training (SCERT) for educational activities and carrying research work.
  12. Institute and award scholarships, medals and prizes.
  13. Fix, demand and receive such fees and other charges, as may be prescribed.
  14. Hold any property and receive bequests, donations, endowments, trusts and transfer of any property or interest therein or right thereto.
  15. Set rules and regulations for the intellectual, physical, moral and ethical promotion and for social welfare of students.
  16. Give encouragements to sports and youth affairs.
  17. Take necessary measures in the interests of teachers and affiliated institutions.
  18. Perform such other acts and things, as it may deem fit for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this Act.
  19. In accordance with the legislation act 1969, the board performs the following powers and functions, which are subject to prior approval of the state government.
  1. Arrange for the preparation, writing, compilation, printing, publishing and sale of text books, other educational material and undertake the publication of any other educational work, books or periodicals. However, copy right of any material developed, published, printed by the Board, shall vest with the state Government; and
  2. Set down conditions for affiliation of institution in terms of teachers and their qualification, curriculum, equipments, buildings and other education facilities.
The chairman, the voice chairman and the board members are responsible for the functioning of the board.  The term of chairman and vice chairman lasts for 3 years. Others board members’ serves for 2 years. The board secretary serves for 3 years.

The academic wing of board comprises of four main branches Academic Branch, Open School, Punjabi Cell and Field Program. Four deputy directors administer these branches; the deputy directors are assisted from subject experts and project officers.  The publication division of board headed by a Deputy Director is responsible for publication of textbooks. At present, there are 210 titles apart from the other publications like syllabi, guidebooks etc. The board has established textbooks sell depots at District and some Tehsil levels. At present there are 21 textbooks sale depots.

The Controller of Examinations who is assisted by Deputy Secretaries and Assistant Secretaries heads the examination wing of the board, which is considered as most important wing. This wing looks after almost 4000 examination centers across the state. The middle cell of the board is responsible for Middle Standard Examination. The cell evaluates the answer book, declares results and issues certificates.  The board has an administrative wing headed by the Secretary assisted by the Finance & Development Officer, Joint Secretary, Deputy Secretaries, Assistant Secretaries etc.

The Finance & Development Officer is responsible for maintenance of the accounts of the board and their profitable investment to prepare budget. The board provides scholarships to the meritorious students. One scholarship is given out of 1000 students. Only those students can get these scholarships who are not covered by the national / state scholarship.

Contact Details

Vidya Bhawan Phase VIII, Mohali
Tel No. 91 - 172 - 3047130
Fax : 91 - 172 – 3047129
Email : [email protected], [email protected]
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